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Rahul Wagh
Rahul Wagh

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How to use Helmfile to manage your Helmchart?

Helmfile is an another wrapper working on top of Helm Chart. Just like Helm Chart, Helmfile also uses the YAML for writing the configurations.

But why do you need Helmfile if you are working with Kubernetes and Helm Chart?

  1. You can bundle several Helm Charts into a Single Helmfile to manage your kubernetes eco system
  2. Helmfile helps you to keep isolation between the different environments(developemnt, staging, production)
  3. It can help you to identify the differences between the new changes which you want to apply against the existing running deployment inside kubernetes cluster
  4. Helmfile uses the Go Templates which lets you templatify your Helmfile and also you can use Sprig Library with functions - requiredEnv, exec, readFile, toYaml, fromYaml, setValueAtPath, get, tpl, required, fetchSecretValue, expandSecretRefs
  5. With the help of HelmFile you can deploy multi-tier applications inside kubernetes cluster.

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I advise you to look at helm-operator to simplify the storage of configurations