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Do you know other diverse communities?

One of the things I love the most about is that it is a community for all developers no matter what you are working on. It doesn't matter if you design websites, manage infrastructure, analyze scientific data or build micro chips. The jobs of all of us developers have many things in common and by not being all the same we can learn even more from each other. I only wish there would be more places like this out there!
Too many conferences, meetups and platforms are focusing on a specific technology.

There are only a few exceptions I know about:
I like the Hack && Tell meetup series. HN is a community for everyone but its anonymity and discussion style make it not a nice place for everyone. Strange Loop is a great conference bringing people together although its main focus is on languages and innovative technologies.

Do you know any other online communities, projects, conferences or local meetups that bring people from different fields together?

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Ben Halpern

I'm very inspired by the Code Newbie community and take a lot of cues from what Saron does right with her organization.

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Definitely looks like a great community for people to get started with programming, thanks for sharing!

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I know one, but it's in French though... It's called zestedesavoir. It's kind of focused around coding in general (like, but it's encouraging and actually getting broader: there's some stuff about musique and the human body for example. Litteraly anything is welcome.

It's very communitarian and open source, but French only.