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Nevertheless, I Have Just Built My Very Own Hangman Game!

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My First Tiny App (2 Part Series)

1) Nevertheless, I Have Just Built My Very Own Hangman Game! 2) Nevertheless, My Hangman Game Is Live For International Women's Day!

Week #7 On My Bootcamp...

...and I'm making my very own hangman game from scratch with React.

The first time I learnt about React was on Wednesday. (Yes, two days ago.) Now I am spending my Friday night building a Hangman game. (My companion is a bottle of red wine.)
"Get a life!", some would say.
Well, I guess this is my life now and I'm loving it!

Hangman game

It's not pretty but that's alright. It works. And I made it.

I wish all my fellow women readers (and let's not forget about gender minorities) an International Women's Day as happy as I am today. :)

If you want to read my actual story, click here.

P.s. Can you guess what the solution is?

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Keep up the good work!

Is the hangman game available in a public repo?


Hey, the repo is now public and the game is also available to play here. ☺️


Thank you. No, not yet, but I'll make it available once I feel it's complete. ☺️


Good job, but it could probably be done quicker and simpler with less code and tools - just using vanilla JS. React seems like overkill for something so simple. Then again, React (and frameworks in general) are massively over-promoted and overused these days anyway. So many projects use a sledgehammer to crack a nut


While I think you might have missed the point, I still appreciate the feedback so thank you.
I am on a coding bootcamp learning React, I am a newbie. So learning something by using it on a simple project has to be the way. 🌰🔨🙂


Wow! React in a few hours, you must love learning new technologies. Great post Judit!

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