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40 Python Projects ideas

Hello guys , in this blog post I have organized 40 Python projects that you might be interested trying out ranging from webscraping to to natural language processing.

All the project listed here are the one I have built personally as I learn python and I thought it might be useful sharing them with other people learning python so as to help them solidify python skills as they build them.

I have attached Either a blog post about the project or a Github repository with the source code of the project, I hope you will find them useful.

In case you face any issues while trying to run any of these projects, please feel free to reach me through my email at isaackeinstein(at), Good luck.


  1. Image steganography using Python
  2. ASCII based encryption in Python
  3. A simple Keylogger made in Python

Natural language Processing

  1. How to Perform speech recognition in Python
  2. 3 ways to do language translation in Python
  3. How to detect emotions in the text using Python
  4. Make your own knowledge-based chatbot in Python
  5. Make your own Plagiarism detector in Python
  6. How to train your own SMS Spam filter using Python
  7. A python program to automate sentiment analysis of tweets

Web scraping

  1. A python script to scrap coronavirus updates
  2. A python script for Extracting all website links
  3. A beginner guide to web scraping in Python
  4. A spider to scrap entire website images

Machine Learning

  1. Loan repayment Predication with Machine learning

Computer vision

  1. Python based realtime barcode reader
  2. A Python script to convert a picture to sound
  3. How to detect edges in Python using OpenCV
  4. Realtime Vehicle detection in Python

Desktop GUI

  1. A Tkinter GUI calculator
  2. A simple music player application
  3. A simple guessing game applicaton
  4. Building a digital clock in Python
  5. Simulating monty hall problem with Python
  6. Build A simple Camera app with Python
  7. A GUI to Track phone number in Python
  8. A Library Management System
  9. A Desktop for Messaging and Send files over local network


  1. A Python CLI tool to remove duplicates files on a drive/folder
  2. A Python based website blocker
  3. CLI chat application in python using sockets
  4. A cross platform Python script to automate computer shutdown


  1. How to Visualize the COVID-19 spread using folium in Python

Embedded and IoT

  1. Ways to controlling arduino boards with Python

Bots and Automation

  1. A Simple Telegram bot

Hope you find them useful, in case you would have anything to add just fork it, and it will be my pleasure merging your helpful contributions.

Did you count, its 35 not 40 I will take the remaining as debt and will update along the way !!

You can find more more articles from a personal blog

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awesome list - this ist really very very cool!
Thank you for sharing this with us

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Jordan Kalebu

You're welcome, thanks too for finding it useful

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Daniel Diaz

Good one. It's amazing that you've done most of these projects

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Jordan Kalebu

Thank you Daniel

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Corey Schaf

Great list, thanks for this!

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Jordan Kalebu

Thanks too for finding it useful