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[Solved] “Treating warnings as errors because of process.env.CI = true”

kapi1 profile image Kapil Pandey Updated on ・2 min read

Did deploying your code to netlify failed and in logs you are getting
Treating warnings as errors because of process.env.CI = true
If yes then you are at the right place. I'll help you fix this error within seconds. Before showing you the fix let's first have a glance at the root cause of this error.

What is this error all about?

Beginning on June 15, 2020, Netlify started a gradual rollout of adding the environment variable CI to build environments, with the value of true. This environment variable, short for Continuous Integration, is commonly set in various CI environments like Travis CI and Github Actions, among many others. The ecosystem has largely agreed to use this environment setting to detect when a build is executing in a CI environment, as opposed to a local development environment.

This setting allows many common libraries to detect a CI environment and change behavior accordingly. One such behavior is the disabling of progress “spinners” that while useful in a local development terminal, can render poorly when operating in a log streamed CI environment.

Because of this some libraries now interpret what were previously just warnings as hard errors and halt the build. The intention is that developers should not ship potentially broken configurations, but the downside is that builds that successfully completed previously started failing after this change.

The fix

If your build is breaking after this change, you can disable this behavior by unsetting the CI variable in your build. For example, the following will unset CI for the NPM command:
CI= npm run build

  • Log in to Netlify
  • Choose your app and click on Site settings
  • Navigate to Build & Deploy
  • Under Continuous Deployment select Edit settings
  • Update Build command to
CI= npm run build
CI=false npm run build //OP mentioned below in comments
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If you are using netlify.toml to set the build command, update it as such:

  command = "CI= npm run build"
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*Rebuild you deployment
Now you should see Production: master@c215c12 Published 😉

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militusinnocent profile image
Militus • Edited

I did CI=false npm run build and it worked :)

baxosh profile image

Worked for me too

kelahkelah profile image

Thanks. This solved the problem for me.
I used yarn and already had a yarn.lock file so automatically the Build command already had 'yarn build' so all i did was add CI = to the yarn build and it worked.
Build command: CI= yarn build.

But for npm it would be
Build command: CI= npm run build

militusinnocent profile image

Hi, I'm almost completely new. I tried CI= npm run build but it didn't work, I guess I'm doing sth wrong. Any ideas on how to fix this on vercel?

josiasaurel profile image
Josias Aurel • Edited

On vercel and netlify, setting CI to false in environment variables make it work XD

ahmedsarhan profile image
Ahmed Sarhan

I just signed in to say thank you ... this saved my day

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Chaz Kiker


desdamo profile image
desdamo • Edited

Hello. I tried différents write but didn't work with vercel. Can you help me please?

"scripts": {
"start": "craco start",
"build": "CI='' yarn build",
"test": "craco test",

"eject": "react-scripts eject"
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lucasrmagalhaes profile image
Lucas Magalhães

Thanks!! You saved me! I'm happy now. x)

kapi1 profile image
Kapil Pandey Author

Glad to be of some help!

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justinpatel profile image
Justin Patel

Thanks, worked like a charm for me. 😉

robkaa profile image

Just made an account to thank you for this!

shivashankar_741 profile image
Shiva shankar

Big thanks to you

angelisreis profile image

Thanks o lot. Works like a charm, using: CI=false npm run build

akinncar profile image
Akinn Rosa • Edited

works here on vercel deploy, nice job!