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I want to find users for my new startup

Just building an amazing product or a service doesn't drive customers. That's the unfortunate truth in this cruel world. So, laying down the right launch strategy is the goal of the sixth No-VC report!

The way I see it is that there are four kinds of channels in totality:

a. Social media: The obvious channel, though "the how to use it" part isn't as straightforward.

b. Launch platforms: These are the reliable traffic drivers like Product Hunt, Show HN, etc.

c. Relevant communities: Strong communities like Indiehackers which allow you to build and engage your audience.

d. Listing websites: More a hygiene factor that helps in SEO.

Now, in the report today (link at the end of the post), I share the relevant platforms under each category. But that's not it. The usage of these channels along with the timing of engagement on those is also super-critical. So do give it a read and let me know your thoughts!

Also, I share my reports regularly on twitter - you can follow me there :)

There is a lot more in here: It is just 5 mins long!

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