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Kostas Bariotis
Kostas Bariotis

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Web development exercises for beginners

What are some great web development exercises you did while you were learning how to code?

I remember when I was learning, my first language was PHP. At the time, JavaScript wasn't booming yet so we had to do lots of backend alongside frontend work. My two main tutorials were Login forms and Contact forms.

I specifically remember those because Login forms taught me lots about security, correctly hashing passwords, how to protect from SQL injection, not revealing too much information in your errors, and others.

Contact forms taught me about user experience, I learned a lot about HTML and CSS, styling buttons and inputs, etc.

What was/is your favorite exercise or tutorial?

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Orim Dominic Adah

Basically, those exercises that have real life applications, like FizzBuzz, ReverseCipher, building forms, running a simple express app