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Makers Week 6: No I in Team!

Weekly Goal:
Can you, with only a specification to guide you, work as part of a team to build a web app?

At the start of this week, we started our first group project which was fun. We went back to using ruby because we had the most experience in that plus it was only a week better to use something we're comfortable with.

Day 1

On the first day, we got sorted into groups. We spent most of the first day setting out a plan of action. We wrote up some user stories and domain models, we also had to decide on an MVP(Minimum Viable Product). Honestly, I think that this helped us keep our focus later down the line. We had to decide on when to do standups and when to do retros, we decided on morning standups and afternoon retros. Finally, at the end of the day, we split off into teams and got started adding the gems to the gemfile as well as starting on our first method.

Day 2

We started straight into it the next day. We were pairing but because we were getting set up there wasn't a lot of problems, so decided to look into something I heard about that would. It was a layout erb which can set a boilerplate for our erb files which made the project a little easier later on. I also added a couple of other things while had the time and gave my partner a hand whenever he needed it.

Day 3

We got to work on checking date availability during day 3. It caused a bit of trouble because it kept redirecting us to the wrong page which obviously isn't ideal. After getting a bit of visibility we knew what was going wrong we just didn’t know why. it was changing the id name after the post request. So we went to see one of the couches and they helped us out. We realised that when redirecting we were redirected to "/:id" similar to the way you do the get request, but what we should have been doing was getting the id and using string interpolation to pass it through.

Day 4

We mainly did finishing touches for functionality and started styling which is where the layout erb came into play. We were able to put all our link tags into one file and it loaded them on to all the pages. Because I had some experience using bootstrap I was giving everyone a hand with using it. Which helped me sharpen up my knowledge on it.

Day 5

We mainly messed around with the pages to see if there was any bugs with the page and worked on them. We also finished off the styling which was a bit awkward because everything was kind of messing up. But after opening up the elements using the chrome developer tools we saw that the styling wasn't actually changing after refreshing the page. so after hard reloading the page everything was working. It was a little annoying but at least I learned to use the developer tools more.


This was a good week because we got to work as part of a team. I think we took the right approach making a solid plan before doing anything. We also go our MVP done by Tuesday. Which was a small victory at the start of the week and having a small scale project to work towards and then build on made things a little easier. Overall a great and fun week.

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