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Study Group - Week 1

So after I had completed the first week of the Makers pre-course material I decided to check if anyone wanted to start a small study group where we just go over the challenge of the week before, most of the people in the slack group thought it was a great idea it gave us a chance to meet each other and also work through the challenges.

We met up yesterday for the study group at the Ace Hotel which was a pretty nice spot for meeting up because it was full of developers, close to makers and had a long table that we were able to gather around making communication easier. there was only five of us but some people were busy, We all came in one at a time but because I was the one who organised it I thought I should be there first so I got up early and headed in, because I was finished that section I was keen to offer my help to whoever needed it because it'd plus it had the added benefit of being revision for me so a win-win. I think the main problem people were running into was piping, which is used to take the output of the command before the pipe and use it as input for the command after the pipe, but we were chaining multiple pipes so a little more complicated, so I suggested using the way I used pipes, by adding a pipe one by one so you can actually see the differences between the first output and the second output giving you a visual reference for what each step is doing. But there was a person there who had completed the whole course and also done a lot of the same prep I had done so it was interesting to get his take on the course, it also means there's someone I can run to if I run into problems in the future.

Ultimately they were a lovely group of people and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future and hopefully we'll get more people to join us next week.

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