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Forget Silicon Valley! 5 reasons to relocate to work in the leading country of e-governance!

Estonia, my birth country, celebrated its 103rd independence day on the 24th of February! That's why it seemed like a great idea to share my enthusiasm for our awesome country and how we use technology to it's fullest in order to strive as a nation through a video.

Some quick fun facts:

  • Estonia, officially the Republic of Estonia, is a country in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. The territory of the country is 45 227 km2 and the population of the country is 1.3 million. The official currency of the country is the EURO and today we're celebrating our 103 birthday! Oh, and the capital's Tallinn!
  • President(Kersti Kaljulaid) and Prime minister(Kaja Kallas) are both women
  • Our capital, Tallinn was the European Capital of Culture in 2011
  • Online voting already since 2005
  • We've got 4G coverage even in the middle of the woods. And yes, I've tried it out!
  • We've got a thing called "E-Residency" so you could become a resident...right away to make business etc.

00:00​ Intro
01:07​ - Fun facts
02:38​ - Reason 1 - The country of innovation and e-governance
03:50​ - Reason 2 - Unicorns! Unicorns everywhere!
05:08​ - Reason 3 - The work-life balance
06:35​ - Reason 4 - The beautiful and accessible nature
07:55​ - Reason 5 - IT talent! We're looking for you!
08:45​ - Conclusion

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Top comments (2)

akdeberg profile image
Anik Khan

Yeah, Estonia is truly an underdog. I hardly new about this country until 2019. It was so fascinating to know that Skype and many other unicorns birthplace is Estonia.
It's one of the few places that I am determined to visit in my lifetime. Hope I can handle the weather 😁
Btw, thanks for the links that you attached. Long live Estonia and the start-up ecosystem. Happy independence day 🇪🇪

kethmars profile image

I'm glad you're excited about the country :D! And for a techy, it's definitely worth a visit!