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The DevOps Market in India is Growing Exponentially

In India, a DevOps engineer gets more salary than a data engineer, data scientist, and many other people working in the IT sector. There is an excellent opportunity for Indian tech experts in this particular field that has been around for only a few years. We have seen Indians making massive success in the digital industry as it is providing much-skilled personnel in different types of outsourcing platforms. Technology has become the country's one of the best sectors of income, and many new and young people are learning several different skills for standing out in the market as a great service provider.

If you are considering having a good career in the technological field, you can consider DevOps. Before that, you should have a good understanding of what it is and the condition of DevOps in India. Have a look at this article for having a good knowledge of the job.
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DevOps can be divided into two parts, Development and Operation. By development, we are referring to software development and operation is the management of data. It is the process of creating high-quality software by the automation process so that we can get more service faster. It is not a single task but a set of functions that ensure a fast change in a particular system while maintaining quality.

DevOps can be a hard concept to understand since there are many things associated with it. There is coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing, configuring, and monitoring involved in the field and one needs to master them all to become a skilled DevOps engineer.

DevOps in India

  • According to Glassdoor, which is a pretty popular recruitment site for jobs, the average salary of a DevOps engineer is more than 6.39 lakh rupees per year. The lowest payment is 351k rupees, and the highest is 1,349k rupees annually. According to the world’s leading compensation platform.

  • PayScale elaborates that the more skill a DevOps engineer has, the more likely that they will move to the next position and earn more. The salary of this role in the US is 7 to 8 times higher than what you can expect in India. But considering the cost of living in both countries, it is not too much of a difference.

  • DevOps currently offers the highest pay in India among techies according to a news report on TOI that states, Developers working on DevOps earn the highest salaries in most major countries, including India, according to a study by Stack Overflow, the popular Q&A site for programmers.

  • According to Harshal Sawant, practice lead for DevOps at healthcare firm CitiusTech, more than 87% of Indian companies stepped on the field of DevOps in 2018.

  • When it comes to India, tech giants like Oracle, Infosys, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, TCS, IBM, Wipro, are always seeking professionals with DevOps skills and constantly have an open position for roles such as DevOps Architect, DevOps manager, DevOps Engineer, Automation Engineer, Security Engineer, and Release manager.

  • The Google trend for DevOps in India is obviously growing, and the search rates for courses among the developers and freshers are rapidly increasing as they understand the importance of this role. See below,
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    Alt Text

Is DevOps a good career?

Since it is known as the hardest amongst the many tech jobs, DevOps engineers are on high demand. It is not a very old profession, meaning it has been around for only a few years. People start as a multilingual programmer or a similar position. One needs to handle not only the development process but also testing and sometimes even the system administration. The job is not for everyone because it requires more brainpower than a simple task. It is hard, but the payment is significant. In the end, it comes down to your interest and ability. The people who were successful in working hard and being passionate about this career are in an excellent position now since good DevOps engineers are scarce.

Does DevOps require coding?

There are many different skills involved when we are talking about the task of a DevOps engineer, and the knowledge of almost all the fields may be necessary at some point in their career. A DevOps engineer needs to be able to do the following things instead of just plain programming:

A DevOps engineer needs to have proper knowledge, and practical abilities on different types of programming language and the skills will improve if someone has an understanding of scripting knowledge. Almost all of the developers have a basic understanding of Linux since it is a widely used operating system for programmers.
They need to be familiar with the various open-source tools that they will need in their career. They may need to have the essential skills for changing open-source tools and customize them.
Knowing about sysadmin and IT operations is highly relevant.
Testing and deployment of software code is an essential ability that will help a DevOps engineer to run their career smoothly.
They need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work in teams.
As you can see, only coding is not enough to be a DevOps engineer and it is a reason why the job has such high demand. But the competition is increasing in India as more and more companies are emerging that are providing DevOps service. It is a perfect time to stay ahead of the game if you can learn the skill fast. It is estimated that within a few years, the field will have a lot of people working from India.

Is DevOps easy to learn?

Profession DevOps engineers say that DevOps is not easy to learn. According to them, it can be tough because one needs to have several different kinds of skills to become ready for a position. They also stated a few reasons for that. Firstly, educational institutions are not able to teach DevOps well because it doesn’t only depend on the programming sector but also business and data management fields. No college or universities have courses that will be perfect for this role. Most of them start as a system administrator and then if they are skilled enough, they get to work as a DevOps developer.

With a proper planning and career map, you can learn DevOps efficiently. Here is a DevOps career path developed by KodeKloud to help you get certified from beginner to expert level in DevOps.

How long can it take for learning DevOps?

It can be pretty hard to figure out how many days it will take for one to learn DevOps since it depends on one’s skill and previous experience. People who have no prior knowledge about software development and any other field related to DevOps may need to spend years until they are skilled enough. If someone has previous experience, knows several programming languages and also has a good idea on data operation may need at least six months to master the skills at a basic level. In the end, it all comes down to one’s ability to learn fast.

With proper guidance and learning, you can easily grasp things fast. Most people get stuck in between because they don't make their basics clear, and for this purpose only, we at KodeKloud have introduced this 'DevOps Pre-Requisites Course'.

Bottom line

DevOps is definitely a good career and it is here to stay as India is the hub of tech companies, every company wants to embrace this path and deliver software and features as quickly as possible with quality and security in place. Choosing to build a career on DevOps is an excellent decision, but one has to remember that it is a sector that needs a lot of different skills. Without being able to handle multiple fields, one can quickly fail to bring themselves as a useful engineer. You should have all the essential resources and the ability to learn the skills associated with this field. India is on the rise when it comes to DevOps:)

Start learning DevOps from today.

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