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DAY 1 #gftwhackathon Team Forming and Idea fixing and webmonetization

Hackathon Journey

In this First Post, I am going to tell you guys about how we formed a team and how we are going to work on a hackathon project

Lets Begin

What we are building⚙🛠?

We are going to build two parts of the app. The first one is for the basic plan which is the app can only display covid-19 tracker, and the other one is for the premium plan which can display some news update. Basically, we are going to use web-monetization as its authorization for showing news and more updates.
So, for the basic plan of the app, we are going to use a COVID-19 API Tracker to display the tracker and for the premium plan is to use web-scraping to display news updates. As the app loads for its first time, it will first show all the tracking parts. Then, for the web monetization part, it will show the news and updates parts. We will show the users that the money will be donated to help for the COVID-19 like hospitals who are in need of supplies.
Once the app is done, we are going to deploy the app.😊🚀 Hally and I are friends on twitter because we are in common in tech stuff. I live in India and she lives in Toronto, Canada.

Technologies we are going to use

  • Reactjs and API for COVID-19 tracker
  • react materialCoreUI
  • web scrapping for showing news to the users
  • web monetization (payment thing here ) for news access/more updates

APPS we are using for conversation and for project building

  • Twitter
  • Slack
  • trello
  • Github
  • VsCode

So that's it for the Day1 in upcoming days we are going to build more things related to our hackathon project.Thank you 🤗

Note: If we add more things related to our app this article will be updated according to that 🔂⤴


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