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Marketing Your Mobile App, The Steps For Continued Success

Here are some tips for continued success in marketing your app to new users and maintaining your existing userbase.

Ask Users For Feedback
If people are using your app constantly, it is a sign that have made a connection with the product. Give them the opportunity to express their opinions with a popup invitation to leave a review, but remember that user experience should not be sacrificed by this tactic. Think about when and how you want to ask for a review and make sure it flows well with the user experience so it won’t frustrate users. The more strategically the popup is placed, the better the chances are for a positive review.

Consider A Burst Campaign
A “burst campaign” is one of the most popular techniques used by mobile app marketers who want to climb the app store ranks. The idea of a burst campaign is to provide a “burst” of exposure for your app in which you aggressively purchase paid media exposure over a short period of time – usually between 24 and 72 hours, depending on budget.
The goal is to get as many paid installs as possible, boosting your ranking. All this with the hope of increasing the volume of quality organic installs – that should follow when the app is finally ranked high enough to be discovered. While you should attract more organic downloads from a successful burst campaign, continued paid advertising will maintain steady downloads. You need to keep the momentum going.

Offer A Referral Bonus
Offering your users a bonus or benefit when they promote your app online is a surefire way to get them to spread the word. With a staggering 3900% growth rate, Dropbox is an excellent example of how powerful referrals can be. The company had just 1,00,000 registered users in 2008, which climbed to a staggering 4,000,000 registered users within a mere 15 month period as a result of their referral program. This post from Localytics explains how Dropbox used referrals to exponentially increase their user base

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remes demiz

Commercialiser efficacement une application implique des stratégies pour attirer de nouveaux utilisateurs et fidéliser ceux qui existent déjà. Solliciter les commentaires des utilisateurs et optimiser l'expérience utilisateur sont des tactiques clés. Plateformes comme Agence digitale offrir des informations sur les stratégies de marketing des applications, en mettant l'accent sur le référencement pour la visibilité de l'app Store. Les campagnes en rafale et les programmes de parrainage sont efficaces pour stimuler les téléchargements et l'engagement des utilisateurs. L'utilisation de ces techniques garantit une croissance soutenue des applications et une compétitivité sur le marché. L'alignement avec une agence de marketing réputée améliore la visibilité des applications et l'acquisition d'utilisateurs, ce qui est crucial pour le succès à long terme.

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Tathagata Samajdhar

Great insights. App marketing is becoming much harder in the coming days. This article sheds light on the strategies we can take forward to do it seamlessly. As I'm searching for ways to market my app better, I'm continuously reading about this. Yesterday only I saw a very comprehensive article on app marketing strategies that I liked very much. Leaving the link to the article here if anybody wants to read it too.