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Reference Guide: Complete and Merge a Pull Request

In my previous post, Reference Guide: Conducting a Code Review, detailed steps were outlined for the code review process. Once the code review is completed it’s time to complete the process and make comments, approve the reviewed changes or request changes to be made before it can be approved. This is where any identified issues need to be noted.

To complete the pull request review:

Review Changes

Select green button Review changes to finalize the pull request

  • A pop-up box will appear with options to Comment, Approve, or Request changes

The code review process is very important. If something needs to be changed or modified simply provide descriptive comments and select Request changes. This will send a notification back to the contributor.

  • Select the appropriate action: Comment, Approve, or Request changes
  • Click Submit review

Once submitted, you’ll be taken back to the Pull request page.

Merging a pull request:
Provided everything on this page is green, the changes are ready to be merged.

Select Merge pull request

Merge Pull Request

Select Confirm merge

Confirm Merge

  • Once this has been selected the files will be merged and the icon under the pull request will switch from a green icon that states Open to a purple icon that states Merged.


Only a couple more steps!

Return to the terminal and complete the following:

  • git checkout master
  • git pull

These additional steps will pull changes from the master and update the local copy. It’s always best to make sure collaborators are working from current files.

For the completed Reference Guide Series:

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