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Charly Escalona
Charly Escalona

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Why MX Master 3 are very cool

Recently I've bought a MX Master 3 "(ed. A very nice mouse created by Logitech)".

First you have the possibilities to connect your mouse :
Bluetooth and usb with a dongle, work on mac, iPad, Windows and linux.

The keybinding are a real joy, you set a key in a software, and you can bind a mouse key, or bind globally.

And you, did you use MX devices ? What did you think about these devices ?

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Ismaël Balaghni

Using MX Master 2S here, I love that mouse. Don't regret at all the purchase. Having the ability to edit the mouse buttons PER application is just incredible. It also has great battery life. Good mouse to work with code or any productivity app.

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Charly Escalona

I'll more precise my post, after some days of use, this mouse are nice, but it's up to you to make it awesome.
There are a lot of possibilities to bind keystroke, move...