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My Dev Journey: Week 1

So I've just finished my first week at Northcoders, it was introduction week. This is going to be my recap of what I've learnt.

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What I've learnt this week

This week has covered a lot of the same content as in the pre-course materials, but this definitely helped solidify the knowledge. It also gave room for everyone to ask questions and acclimatise to remote learning and how the tutors at NC teach. Here's a selection of some of the topics that have been covered this week, and the things that I found particularly interesting!

Version Control and starting to learn how to pair program.

  • I'd only used Git and GitHub by myself before, so getting to learn alongside another student, getting to know the process of working collaboratively and other people at the same time was really useful.

Functions and Execution Context.

  • I found this super interesting because knowing how the code is run and computed has made it clear why some facets of JS behave the way they do.

Understanding Errors!

  • Again super interesting because learning to read what the error message is telling you, solves half of the problem for you (in most cases πŸ˜…).

Regular Expressions! πŸ’œ

  • Before this, I found RegEx daunting in that at face value it doesn't immediately make sense, but taking a deeper dive into what makes it work with a tool like RegExr has removed the worries I did have.

Array Methods

  • They're just really fun to use. πŸ˜…

Lastly, my favourite thing

  • How much more comfortable I've become using my terminal!

Resources I've found useful this week!

  • MDN - as always.
  • - the breadth of easily accessible info here is incredible!.
  • - getting to grips with the basics of Regular Expressions would be a lot harder without somewhere to sketch ideas out and see them work.
  • The Northcoders tutors - there won't be a week go by of these posts where this won't stand. But I can't understate how useful it is to have multiple people to hand at all times! A real luxury.

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