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My Dev Journey: Week 4

Week 4 marks the end of the JavaScript Fundamentals block! Wow this has been a big challenge but I feel so happy looking back at what I can do now as opposed to just three weeks ago. This (along with a three day bank-holiday weekend 🍻) have spurred me on to be even more excited to move onto the next three block of the course, all about Backend development!

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What I've learnt this week


We started the week off with solo sprint of recapping a lot of the content we have covered in the previous two weeks, this was so welcomed! It feels like we've been going a mile a minute over the past two weeks, so to have to reflective time where everyone can take stock of where they're at in the course and to brush up on some of the fundamental concepts has been wonderful.

Our recap covered topics like array methods, closures, Object-Orient Programming, and recursion.


We dedicated two whole days to Async, and it was great to get familiar with a concept I'd heard a lot about, but never seen implemented into code. I have to say that this is something that puzzled me, but I couldn't stop thinking about. Several times over the two days I found myself zoned out in the middle of a task like washing the dishes, eating tea, or showering, and then snapping too realising that I had spaced out. Perhaps I was starting to live asynchronously 🤔

API's and Promises

The final two days covered working with dummy API requests as well as getting data from API's like the Star Wars API, and the Pokémon API. As well as using amazing tools like fs, axios, and inquirer. And this was a whole lot of fun, especially using inquirer to provide an input to the code rather than taking it as a hard coded input.

Resources I've found useful this week

  • fs, axios, and inquirer documentation, went I'm picking things up for the first time well-written documentation full of examples is really useful to me
  • Fun API's to practice with! We've been using the Star Wars API and Pokémon API so far and I'm excited to find more
  • And as always the Northcoders notes!

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