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My Dev Journey: Week 8

This week was careers week on my coding bootcamp, and as such this week was a lot less new concept heavy as many of the previous weeks have been. Instead of new technologies we had a few lectures on CV writing, portfolio preparation, and technical tests.

If you've enjoyed any of my blog series, then maybe consider following me on Twitter and GitHub 😁 and I'd also really appreciate if you all could check out my new portfolio site 🙏🏼 and maybe leave a few beginner project ideas in the comments to give me some inspiration!

What I've done this week

Whilst I created my first development CV during this week the two most important things I've done this week were completing a back-end project I worked on during the back-end portion of the course, this involved a broad scope of unit and integration testing. And then once I was happy with the functionality of my API I hosted it on Heroku which what the first time I've hosted anything. And then I got to write my first README for the repo, and I wanted to make this one as good as I could becasue it's the first I've written and I've really enjoyed this project and didn't want to half-do the last thing 😁

But by far the thing I'm most excited about this week, is buying my first domain for my portfolio site, and creating my first front-end project. We've not done the front end block of the course (this starts next week) but I wanted to complete a portfolio site that I could link to in my CV, for job applications (if any hiring managers are reading my blog still on week 8, then please hire me 😅) and socials too! My portfolio uses a bootstrap template but I went through and dipped my toes in the luke warm waters of HTML and CSS to make it match a style closer to my CV styling.

Resources I've found useful this week

Setting up google domains on GitHub pages

This dev article was really useful in helping guide through setting up my newly minted domain, with github pages, as well as the GitHub Pages docs.

Bootstrap docs

The bootstrap docs were crucial for my brief intro to HTML and CSS work.

Design inspiration

Canva was pretty useful in getting design inspiration for structure of my CV, I then created my CV in Affinity Publisher, which took a fair bit of getting used to again, because I'm much more used to Adobe InDesign

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Bex Newton

Looks great 👍

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You finally got me to join. Love that you included helpful resources.