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My Dev Journey: Week 13

This week of the bootcamp was our only full working week on our goal achievement app. This week has felt incredibly long, whilst at the same time has felt like we've had absolutely no time at all to work on our app.

I'm definitely feeling the fatigue of the intensive bootcamp now, having been working on what is the culmination of all 13 weeks of hard work up to this point has been very tiring, as well as preparing for interviews and tech tests after hours, and falling asleep in front of the laptop. But the end is one week away and I can have a rest afterwards, before hopefully starting a job 🤞🏼

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What's happened this week

Front End

We started with our front end and worked from our wireframe prototypes, to create the navigation of our app. We started off in a mob to get the foundations working, then when we all felt comfortable with the process, we broke off into pairs to carry on with individual pages.

Pair programming was great for this, as we still had many questions about how to build these pages, and put in components with dummy data, so it was useful to have one driver coding out what we knew, and then the navigator looking up information at the same time. Because of this, we managed to get our whole navigation implemented on day one. Then by the end of day two we had our front end pulling data from a test backend.

Back End

I spent the most of this week working with the backend, and the biggest struggle has been getting used to the non-relational database over the relational SQL based databases.

Both the test backend and the final backend were created in Firebase using Firestore collections and Firestore functions. And they interface with the Front End through the Express based API I've created. The other big struggle with this has been writing the whole thing in TypeScript over JavaScript and getting used to the nuances between the two.

New tech I've started learning


The Diligent Dev's tutorial on creating a REST API using Firebase was a great springboard to work from.

Also, the Firebase docs are pretty good too for most of the troubleshooting but the thing that's helped me the most is just trying things out and experimenting with the data structures for the most part.

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