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10 Developers You Must Follow To Improve

10 amazing developers to follow to improve your skills in front end and back end and programming as a whole.

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Let's start the list -

1.Ben Awad

Ben Awad is one of our first entries here, he has some of the funniest and creative content that I've seen for programming in a long time. He prepares people for coding interviews with Fang as well as teaching on lots of other topics.

2.Coder Coder

The coder coder is our second channel here with some of the highest quality videos and animations on how to learn to become a web developer or building a responsive web design from scratch.

3.Danny Thompson

This is a developer that knows what it's like when you're starting out. He's out there helping other people get jobs and learn programming and giving them motivation to be able to do so he also has a series where he interviews people and give them tips and coaching on how to get their first job.

4.Net Ninja

He have some of the most professional playlist tutorials on all the types of frameworks and libraries out there. For example, there's almost 20 videos in this series and by the time you're done, you too will be a net ninja.

5.Kodu community

This is a great channel by Niall which does all sorts of stuff between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Niall is a great creator and he brings in his own style of teaching people how to learn to program.

6.Kevin Pal

This channel is dedicated to all things web related, if you're learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, there's videos on all of that, as well as maybe even obscure CSS properties you might never have used before. He's also a fun and relatable guy that's also very down to earth.

7.Coding Garden

This is brought to us by CJ who is a live streamer on Twitch. He also puts up all his videos on YouTube as well that you can follow along with. You can watch him build different things and interact with him while he's making his videos.

8.JavaScript Mastery

We have JavaScript mastery, and this channel isn't just about JavaScript. There's a lot of really good content here. stuff on how to use react NPM node, as well as building a fully fledged voice recognition react news application.

9.Katelyn Pitt

He has a huge following on Twitter and Recently he started doing videos on YouTube. He has a very positive message to share with motivation and very good learning resources that he shares almost daily.


He's a software engineer that's got more than 10 years of experience and makes tutorials on things like blazer dotnet, and C sharp. He also goes into good detail into how things work so that you can better understand them.


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Top comments (25)

alekseiberezkin profile image
Aleksei Berezkin

You suggest following somebody without providing links? ๐Ÿ˜‚ That's sophisticated and very polite trolling ๐Ÿ˜‰

line profile image
Chaitanya Prabuddha

Go Search Their Names On Youtube or Google.

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drsimplegraffiti profile image
Abayomi Ogunnusi

And where is the Traversy media...? ๐Ÿ™„

fernandoboza profile image
Fernando Boza

office gif

frappe profile image


amphilip profile image
Philip Mac

Hey guys, those complaining about Traversy, it's not his fault, maybe he hasn't followed him. Remember, YouTube is a really big platform so maybe he hasn't met the OG Traversy, just forgive,

skylersaville profile image
Skyler Saville

thenewboston is the OG

amphilip profile image
Philip Mac

Yeah he is, but I really didn't like his teaching style but I do appreciate he's really good, he might have not been for me but maybe he was for you

grahamthedev profile image

You should link to them (their website or channel) as it is really difficult to look them up on a phone, plus is it not Kevin Powell not Kevin Pal you mean?

line profile image
Chaitanya Prabuddha

That's My Mistake.

copenjusherry profile image

Where are is traversy media,mosh ..........your list not so correct

bubster profile image

Filled with clickbait for ur own content but not for the list of other developers. Weird.

line profile image
Chaitanya Prabuddha

What Do You Mean.
I think this list is perfectly fine.

olawalemumeen2 profile image

Yes, thanks

duanecreates profile image
Duane Chetcuti

I'll be in this list one day.

line profile image
Chaitanya Prabuddha

And I'll Cover that list that day. Best Of Luck :)

aaquib profile image
Aaquib khan

Add one more Name here:
Mosh Hamedani

joeattardi profile image
Joe Attardi

Katelyn Pitt?


Did you mean Catalin Pit?

aartiyadav profile image
Aarti Yadav

Thanks, It is such useful information!

sushantguptadefsys profile image
Sushant Gupta Defsys

Hello folks, those griping about Traversy, it's anything but his flaw, possibly he hasn't followed him. Keep in mind, YouTube is a huge stage so perhaps he hasn't met the OG Traversy, simply pardon.

dibyadarshidas profile image
Dibyadarshi Das

Did you mean kevin powell

line profile image
Chaitanya Prabuddha

Yes, I missed his name.

thexdev profile image
M. Akbar Nugroho

I'd like to recommend you CS Dojo too