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Top 10 Websites for Developers

For many of you, this is the fourth part of this series "Top 10 Websites For Developers". You could check the other three parts for 30 more amazing websites.

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The list is -

1.Piskel Visit Website

It is a unique website that allows you to draw pixelated art by filling colors in the blocks which you can use on your website. This website also have an app, which you can use. This website also has a very simple UI, so that even beginners with no experience can use it. And of course this website is 100% free to use.

2.My Template Visit Website

If you are worried about making your portfolio website, but you don't know the skill to make one. Then this website is 100% for you, this website helps you to make your portfolio website without any code and then gives you the option to download the site. This also gives the features like adding your GitHub option, Your Blogs option, and even social page option on your website. And This website is FREE to use.

3.This person does not exist Visit Website

This is an amazing website that makes random faces by using AI. The faces this website makes actually doesn't exist but they look very very real. You can use this faces in your website, without thinking of any permission because as I said these faces never existed. And this is 100% free.

4.Undraw Visit Website

This website have free tons of illustrations that you can use in your website and apps without thinking of any claims. These pictures are in great quality, and are so good that you can compare this illustrations with paid one and no one can find the difference. And this is 100% free. Visit Website

This website helps you make amazing CSS things, by just settings the values that you need and this website will give you the code of the components, which you can put in your website. You can copy its CSS code and play around with it in your projects. And this is 100% free. Visit Website

We all use images of code in our website, but they look ugly. This website helps you make your own code images, that you can use in your blog and can have great images, that will make your viewers more engaged in the blog. And this is 100% free.

7.Get Avataaars Visit Website

Many of us don't feel comfortable in using our own image as a public image, example - me. So, I use my avatar. By using this website you can make your avatar, and can amazing look of yourself, which you can share to the world without stressing about your privacy. And this website is 100% free to use. Visit Website

This website that generates beautiful backgrounds consisting of various patterns of Waves, Blobs, Blurry gradients, Low poly art, and whatnot for your websites and presentations to give an incredible look. There is an option of downloading the generated pattern in PNG format or even SVG format. And this website is 100% free to use.

9.Firebase Visit Website

This is an website like AWS, but made by google. This is a lot simpler to use than AWS and is free for the starting plan, This plan is enough for most of us, if we are building an small and simple app. You can upgrade to the paid plan which gives you all the features of google cloud.

10.HackerNoon Visit Website

Hacker noon is an alternative of, I have already talked about One of the main advantages of hacker noon is that It shares your articles on twitter with about 70k followers. Yeah, your blog need to get qualified for the publishment by one of the official of hacker noon.


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Nice list. The AI face website is just freaky!

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Pawan Pawar

Very useful!

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Juliette Lee

Very sad to see that Piskel will not be running for much longer.