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Top 10 Websites for Developers

I would like to tell you that this is PART 3 of this series, Websites For Developers.

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Here is our list of websites every developer should know-

1.SlashDot ( visit website)

SlashDot is a huge interactive source about all the latest blog posts and news stories related to technology and coding. With a real community vibe, SlashDot is run by a small group of editors and coders, with the help of the site’s robust community of readers.

It is an amazing website, I recommend all of you to use this.

2.A List Apart ( visit website)

A List Apart is a news source catering to people who make (design and build) websites. With a focus on web standards and best practices.

This website should be in your bookmark, if you are a developer.

3.SitePoint ( visit website)

SitePoint is another news publication targeted to web developers. It is a respected source of news, trends, and opinions on all things web design and development.

This website is full of free resources and most of them are very interesting.

4.MIT Open Courseware ( visit website)

Get recorded lectures from MIT directly from its official website for free. These are the same lectures that they give to their real students.

100% recommended for all of you.

5.tuts+ ( visit website)

tuts+ features tutorials on just about anything related to coding. They have tutorials for anything, a bug, a language tutorial or simply anything you ever need.

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6.Google Developers ( visit website)

The internet’s leading entity seeks to inspire coders with tutorials and tips.

You guys can also get resources from google over there like google API etc. Make sure to visit this website.

7.xkcd ( visit website)

A hilarious daily webcomic often related to computing created by Randall Munroe, xkcd had a rather humble beginning. You could have fun by being over there.

8.Coding Horror ( visit website)

A fantastic blog about programming and human factors, Coding Horror is a blog started by Jeff Atwood back in 2004. Here he documents how his horrible times with python, just in like stackoverflow you could see this problems and can also see the solutions. ( visit website)

Where you are, yes right now. This is also one of the best communities of developers. As you are reading this and other articles from some other amazing bloggers, you could gain a lot of knowledge by surfing ( visit website)

You are bored of programming, why not see some memes and have some relaxation. This is one of the best way for you to not stress. Laugh and enjoy.

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Hey, thanks for mentioning

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Chaitanya Prabuddha

You deserve it man!
BTW I have messaged you on twitter, please see that!

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DeZavier D.

Great lists, I'll be sure to check these out!

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Seysto • Edited

Nice list! You should also check

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Tapiwa Motsi

there is also for those who are just entering the field

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sahil28123 • Edited

You can also check for more resources.