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Lorenzo Tinfena
Lorenzo Tinfena

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Too much deprecated information online!

As we go along with the years, information and even old articles have remained, perhaps giving deprecated information, this seems to me a risk, you are not always careful about the date of what you read, but it can also be that it is valid, and can be confusing.
What do you think about it? Or do you know any site that publishes articles (in the field of software development / data science), which has the courage to delete its own old articles because it considers deprecated or modifying them properly?
An example can be courses about windows form

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Tobias Nickel

hmm, this is a old problem, it is for content, software, modules and libraries.

I found it specially present when I started out with old java tutorials.

Recently I anwer some questions on stackoverflow. It is burning under my nails to just write, delete your code and start over with promises, async/await,... but as for the rules, i answer some but write a pro tip with a better solution.

It was a bold step this when request js declare depricatio. and also moment.js announse end of new features.

These are good examples and just this weekend I created a page on my website, listing all my npm modules, and the status of deprication.

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Adam Ormsby

Well, one thing that would help tremendously is if all websites dated their posts. Many relive date data to 'remain relevant', and readers have no idea if something was written yesterday or 7 years ago. Silly practice.

I don't think deleting old things is a good idea, though. That information could still be valuable in some way, so adding a note to a post mentioning the info is no longer relevant would be enough to notify readers.

I guess I'm saying I don't think keeping old stuff up is a big deal, but it should be made known that it's old with some of these little tweaks.

As for reference docs... Well, that's on the developers to deal with.