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Email Validation made simple in Flutter

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Welcome to my first article about Flutter package testing. Each week, I will test another package published under

Email Validator

This weeks package provides you with one easy-to-use function to validate an email input. The author mentions that this is a simple (but correct) Dart class for email validation without using regular expressions. Well come back later to why he calls it correct.

The Purpose

I think the purpose of this package is very clear. For example, if you want to register a user with an email address and a password, you have to verify that the email address is valid. If its not, you can give your user a hint that they have to check their email address again for any spelling mistakes. Not all backend systems support email validation while creating a new user. According to your apps user experience, its also much better to help your user when theyve finished the email address input and want to start filling in a password.
Most of the time, you start searching for an email validation right when you need it. Looking at Stack Overflow, the most upvoted response for this scenario is a complex regex.

Package Scope


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Pablo Discobar

hey, cool job! if you are interested in this topic, then check this article -
I'm sure you'll like it, dude!

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