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What are your favorite Microsoft products?

Some Microsoft products/acquisitions that first come to mind are Windows, Edge, GitHub, VSCode, NPM, TypeScript, .NET, MS Server, Azure, LinkedIn, OneDrive, To Do, Skype, Office, Xbox and so on.

What are your favorites from Microsoft?

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Vitor Paladini

SkiFree, hands down

ski free

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Hahah, you guys know all the classics 😃😃

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Adrian Emil Grigore

Windows Subsystem for Linux 😝

jrohatiner profile image

VSCode, the linux subsystem (now that they fixed it), Azure (which basically encompasses everything), .NET Core, etc. I also am part of the Windows Insider Program which is a good way to explore new features in beta.

valplusplusle profile image

100% VSCode. TBH i use the VS Codium Version because i hate it if programms "call home". And i have a MS aversion. But hey VSCode is really good!
I drop intellij and eclipse for it and hey its a electron app and i am dev electron apps with it:D

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windows 98 Paint

'nuff said.

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Rob OLeary

I don't think MS realised how popular it was until they announced that they would be discontinuing it, and then an uproar followed!

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Ishaan Sheikh


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Giorgos Sarigiannidis • Edited

Office 365 (It gives you the latest versions of all the office products, plus 1GB of OneDrive at a great price)
OneNote (even though it could be better at some aspects)
Arc Mouse (it's not great for long-time use but it is ideal when you travel).

Also, I acknowledge that their **online **version of Outlook is great, even if I don't use it (I have a GSuite account). I hate the desktop app and the classic desktop Outlook.

My all-time favorite MS product, though, is Surface Pro. Moving from a classic laptop (I had a Macbook Pro and before that a Dell Inspiron) to a Surface was similar to what happened when I switched from a desktop to a laptop. After switching, I couldn't go back to the previous devices. Having a single device for everything and being able to use it as a tablet, a laptop and a desktop, depending on the occasion, is a must for me anymore.

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Kristian Wedmark

I'm still looking for a replacement for OneNote, but I have yet to find it. I used to have a opensource program that did almost the same but it was structured with .md-files. But I can't remember the name of it... ><

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Camilo Caquimbo Tabares

Take a look to Notion

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Mirko Vukušić

Minesweeper :) Not completely a joke. Because I like so little from MS. But to be serious, MSSQL Enterprise Manager in the old days was really a life saver. Nowdays I don't use MSSQL anymore so I don't know how it is now.

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May Meow • Edited

VS Code & Visual Studio
Office 365 (excange, OneDrive ...)
.NET Core (C#)
and of course GitHub

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Michiel Hendriks

According to Microsoft's telemetry it's: notepad

It's probably also the only one which works properly and has been consistent in its usage for years. I use it as a notepad, for quick and temporary notes.

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Madza • Edited

I use notepad for quickly un-style rich-text from clipboard 😃😃

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Kevin Kivi

TypeScript. VSCode is good. Best noobie friendly editor. I added Vim extension to VSCode. Nowadays I just rock Vim with CoC to make Vim like VSCode. Best of both worlds!

Unless I'm doing a oneliner or some simple CLI app, I will always prefer TypeScript over js.

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Louis Low

LinkedIn, Github (all-time-favorite GIT), and NPM (I didn't know NPM was acquired by Microsoft, until this post).

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Azure devops is so good that it doesn't even seem like a ms product

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Hrishi Mittal

MS Access - the version around 2006. That’s where I really learnt to program (VBA).

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Kristian Wedmark • Edited

I was a Atom user before I discovered Visual Studio Code, hesitated for a long time before I tried it. Now Visual Studio Code Insiders is my daily editor. Miss Atom though, mainly because it was written in CoffeeScript. :D

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Atom still takes special place in my heart due to it's beautiful UI 😍
Unfortunately to meet the deadlines productivity is the key, that's why I find VS Code superior due to it's features, extensions, etc.. 😉
Surely I use Atom theme on it (One Dark Pro), but it's still no match to the look and feel of Atom's default ones 🙁

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C#, VS, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT, Outlook, Edge, Kinect