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What IDE / Code editors have you used?

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Share your path of finding the current one in use!

Here's mine:
Notepad++ -> Atom -> VS Code


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feels like you dont know how to close it...

...just joking




I alway have two editors: a nice bloated IDE for work on larger code bases, and a lighter code editor for everything else and personal projects.

Script Editor
Notepad -> Notepad++ -> EditPad Pro -> Sublime Text -> Atom -> VS Code

Webocton Scriptly -> Aptana Studio -> PhpStorm


PhpStorm is paid, right? Is it worth the money?


I personally believe it is. I pay for my own license, I make my employer pay for it for my team. But I get them to pay for whole toolbox, so they van use the full ecosystem and use the right tool for the job.

They have a trial, give it a go and see if it works for you.

  • Notepad ++
  • Gedit
  • Geany
  • Cloud 9 (the year I used a Chromebook in college)
  • Eclipse (Android)
  • Android Studio
  • Now, I do everything in one of the Jetbrains IDEs because they have spoiled me for coding in anything else. I mostly work in Android at work and use Android Studio for that, and JVM or MPP Kotlin on the side, so IntelliJ Idea for personal work. Occasionally do some Laravel in PHPStorm

I worked on:

  • VSCode: I love it, but indexation and speed is important for me, and VSCode has started to feel slow and not responsive on these things

  • Sublime Text: yes, its fast, but I think that you need to expend too much time to install extensions/plugins that will make your work easier.

  • Atom: At first it was something promising, but its REALLY slow for me.

  • Webstorm: Speed, productivity and a lot of tools already integrated. I started to use it when the COVID-19 crisis started. A real IDE. I don't know if its worth the money (my company pay it for me) but its where I am more eficient, and I think thats the important thing here.


In order:
Eclipse, school work
Visual Studio, school work
Notepad++, tired of slow IDEs
Sublime Text 2/3, used for about 3/4 of college and first job
Atom, a few months then back to Sublime
VSCode, for a few months then they released SublimeText keyboard mapping and moved completely
PyCharm, for a few projects after college, working on Django code
Visual Studio, first large codebase, working on C#
IntelliJ, large Java codebase

Current stack is IntelliJ for Java + VSCode for python/ruby/bash, but I keep Sublime Text installed and use it every now and then :)


Notepad -> Notepad++ -> Sublime Text 2 -> Sublime Text 3 -> Vim -> emacs w/ EVIL mode (Vim) -> Neovim


This depends on what I'm writing.

Java or SQL: Intellij Ultimate, having switched from Eclipse recently.
Remote debugging of Java: Eclipse
JavaScript/docker-compose files: VScode
Bash scripts or config files: vim


Started with Dreamweaver, then used sublime, then tried atom, jetbrains, a bunch of others I don't remember, then vscode and finally brackets. I haven't found anything better than brackets I love the suggestions and live preview and auto loading with html and css changes. I don't think I'll ever change!


The only big IDEs I used are Netbeans => IntelliJ PhpStorm => IntelliJ Ultimate.
I switched from PhpStorm to Ultimate because I need Java and Golang support. Otherwise, I use Vim still today.

That's it.


Edit (DOS) / vi -> Notepad -> Notepad++ -> vim / Sublime Text -> vim -> Atom -> vim -> VS Code. Definitely stuck on VS Code now :-)

Visual Studio & Eclipse were in there somewhere for some time but not daily.

PS: Since VS Code is so exciting I helped build Marquee


Quick edits: nano -> vim / gedit
~5 files or less / simple projects: AWS C9 -> Atom
Bigger apps: AWS C9 -> Atom -> VSCode


I generally use "fat" IDEs for work: NetBeans, PyCharm
For my own projects I go with: Sublime Text, VSCode


Sublime Text -> VS Code -> Atom -> PyCharm/Goland/WebStorm (JetBrains rocks!)


pico -> nano -> vi -> netbeans -> eclipse -> scite -> notepad++ -> sublime -> vscode -> neovim


Visual Studio since 1999 for all back end

VS Code for all front end past 5 years.


Pycharm for large project, Sublime for quick edits and VS Code for my small projects.


Code editor
notepad++ -> Brackets -> Sublime Text -> Atom -> VSCode -> Vim -> NeoVim

Eclipse -> NetBeans -> IntelliJ


Atom -> Brackets -> Sublime -> JetBrains -> NeoVim -> VSCode + Vim extension


UltraEdit -> EditPlus -> Vim -> Gedit / Kate / Geany -> Sublime Text -> BBEdit -> Visual Studio Code / Vim

Eclipse -> Netbeans -> IntelliJ Idea -> Any Jetbrains


Notepad++ -> Sublime -> Atom -> VS Code


Notepad.ext -> Dreamweaver -> Notepad++ -> Netbeans -> IntelliJ -> VisualStudio Code -> Vim

VIM has been great. I think it can possibly be the last one I will ever use.


I go back and forward with N++ and VS Community '15 for multiple of my projects
I tried Atom once or twice though


Visual Studio -> Android Studio -> Appcelerator Titanium

Script Editor:
Notepad -> vi -> Atom -> VSCode (Definitely love VSCode though)!


I almost forgot one other editor I use at work:

Toad For Oracle.

  1. MS Frontpage
  2. Notepad++
  3. Aptana Studio
  4. Sublime Text
  5. VS Code

Sublime text -> VSCode -> WebStorm -> VSCode -> Vim


For simple projects: Geany -> Vim -> NeoVim
For bigger projects: Eclipse -> IntelliJ Idea


I've tried loads to her where I am now. Roughly speaking it was:

  • notepad
  • notepad++
  • eclipse php
  • nusphere phped
  • netbeans with php extension
  • phpStorm (and other jetbrains tools)

Sublime -> vsCode -> vsCodium -> spacevim -> kakoune


Notepad -> Notepad++ -> Dreamweaver -> Sublime Text 2/3 -> Brackets -> Atom -> Visual Studio Code


IDLE -> PyCharm -> Atom
WebStorm -> Atom
BlueJ -> Not writing Java
Notepad++ for C


Notepad -> Notepad++ -> Atom -> Sublime Text -> VSCode
TurboC++ -> Code Blocks -> PyCharm -> Android Studio -> IntelliJ


Vim > still vim

Because I don’t know how to exit it.


notepad, notepad++, netbeans, visual studio, vs code


Using sublime text for fast jobs
Visual studio for serious projects
And vscode when working on different os


turbo pascal ide -> flash IDE -> notepad++ -> sublime text -> php storm -> vs code
console: nano


Notepad -> notepad++ -> sublime -> pycharm -> vscode -> IntelliJ


As a PHP developer i used:
- NetBeans - free and has a lot to offer
- PHPStorm - no comments here, probably best of the best but it comes with a price


N++, Sublime, Atom, VSCode, Webstorm

I still like sublime cause it's still faster than all the others but then the packages aren't really maintained any more so it's kind off a bummer now.


Notepad++ -> Eclipse -> PHPStorm


Notepad -> Notepad++ -> Sublime Text 2 -> Atom -> VS Code -> Atom+Sublime Text 3


Sublime Text > Atom > PHPStorm > VS Code > WebStorm


TextPad, Sublime, VSCode, WebStorm, Vim


Notepad++ -> Sublime -> VS Code