What local dev environment do you currently use?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

I first started with XAMPP, then Vagrant and also tried Docker.

The current solution is based purely on Laragon. It's an awesome environment due to it's speed, portability and simplicity.

What's your setup and reasons behind it?


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I'd really love to move on Docker some day and start using it more.

But so far I just use my Unix-like system to set everything up. I like Unix environment and I know how most of the things work, so I prefer it third parties.

As much as possible I try to manage environments with version managers like nvm for Node and rbenv for Ruby. For sure, it's not the perfect and I have a bunch of artefacts anyway.
Docker would be perfect, but I have put some time to figure it out.


I must say I was not a huge fan of Docker, cause of time spent setting everything up. It felt pretty complex at the beginning and towards the end I had doubts whether or not it is worth it at all.

But then again, I've heard a lot of awesome feedback about it from devs, who are proficient on it and use it on a daily basis.


Yeah, agreed. It's one of these instruments where you have to spend time to learn it but eventually you get rewarded.
The similar ones are VIM, Webpack or even Alfred.


I utilize my local machine. Visual studio for C# and vim/dub for D. I'll pull Eclipse for Java, but don't code in that language anymore.


D programming language? What type of projects you do in it?


I mostly scripting. I have a pretty extensive tool for testing. It supports the CI/CD system.

But ultimately it has been my playground for learning programming and language design.


Laragon looks very very cool, with php, apache, mysql, nodejs, nginx, redis, mongodb, etc...


I also like it's built-in features, like pretty URLs, quick app and quick share.. Comes in really handy and saves a lot of time :)