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Which code coverage tool do you use?

We here at Forem uses CodeClimate.

Looking to see what you all are using!

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Andrew Reese

I use CodeCov for my personal projects, but most companies I work for use a mix depending on the stack. The last being python back and js front. So they used Jenkins to automate it all. They used pytest and for python and Karma/testing library/cypress for js

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Rémi Lavedrine

I am using SonarQube for Code Quality (smell) and for security.
Veracode and Checkmarx for Code Security.

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Leonardo Furtado

Codecov and Coveralls

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Tobias Nickel

nyc for js code coverage

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Jose E Saura

Dude I didn't even know what is that. Where should I study more around this topic? Seems a must know for team lead and things like that.

Thanks for sharing

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Same here. I'm not familiar with it. I'd be glad to know more about it too!

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Alexis 💫

nyc to SonarQube

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official_dulin • Edited

I am going to try CodeCov, but after seeing this news:
I give it up.

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Nijeesh Joshy

SimpleCov for RoR