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Domino's India database hacked

A news website (Link at end) reported as under:

-Hackers reportedly have access to Domino’s India 13TB of internal data.
-Employee details, order, and credit card details of customers have likely been compromised.
-The hackers are aiming to sell the entire database for $550,000.

Popular pizza outlet Domino’s India seems to have fallen victim to a cyber attack.
According to Alon Gal co-founder of an Israeli cybercrime intelligence, the hackers have access to Domino’s India 13TB of internal data which includes employee details of over 250 employees across verticals such as IT, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc.

The hackers claim to have got all customer details and 18 crore order details which include customer's names, phone numbers, email IDs, delivery address, payment details including more than 10 lakh credit card details used to purchase on Domino’s India app.

Further, the hackers are aiming to sell the entire data to a single buyer. According to Alon Gal, the hackers are looking for $550,000 (around Rs 4 crores) for the entire database. The hackers also have plans to build a search portal to enable querying the data.

The sale is apparently happening in the dark web and likely on a website frequented by cyber scammers. For now, Domino's India has neither confirmed nor denied that data of its consumers has been stolen or leaked from its servers.

For full story refer to:

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