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I did it in 2020...

Apart from social distancing and mask on face , I did many things in 2020.
Most of the time I got lots of love from community members and few times they kicked me... 😉.

Got few times moderators in my inbox.

Currently, I can't reply on . The reason moderators believe my one of reply to post was not in context with title of article. And believe it was as readers liked my reply 😂.

The reason I am not asking them to allow to lift ban as I believe it was one-sided decision taken by and after all portal belongs to them 😭.

So if you reply on this post... I won't be able to reply. Keep one side communication here if you like.

1) Bringing a most functional desktop inside docker container.

I am thankful to Andybor for his complete tutorial video on my docker image.

2) Bringing flaws in docker:

3) Bringing a complete cloud solution (open nebula) inside a container.

4) xp.css : a single library that mathematically responsive for any device size

These articles also got lots of love from community members:

Thanks to all my followers and readers. There more exciting articles on my profile.

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