Cover image for  WOW!!! The Lorem Ipsum for photos :Lorem Picsum

WOW!!! The Lorem Ipsum for photos :Lorem Picsum

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Just Imagine, you get a functionality to show random images in html page. Every time viewer open he gets a new image. But lorem picsum is more than this and created by David Marby & Nijiko Yonskai.

(1) Use the official site links to showcase your template without hosting any image.


The below image is generated

picsum random image

(2) Host your images by your self. I am planning to use randomise my "join my team" image. The Picsum Repo is here:

GitHub logo DMarby / picsum-photos

Lorem Ipsum... but for photos.

Lorem Picsum

Lorem Ipsum... but for photos.
Lorem Picsum is a service providing easy to use, stylish placeholders.
It's written in Go, and uses Redis, PostgreSQL and DigitalOcean Spaces.

Running locally for development

First, make sure you have Go installed, and this git repo cloned.
You will also need to install libvips.

To build the frontend, you need to have NodeJS installed Run the following commands to install the dependencies and build it:

npm install
npm run-script build

If you want to automatically rebuild when you make changes while developing, you can use npm run-script watch.

Then, to start the app, with an in-memory cache, and the test fixtures for images, run:

go run . -log-level debug

This will start a server accessible on localhost:8080, with debug logging enabled.
For other options/backends, see go run . -h.

Instructions on how to add pictures to the postgres/spaces…

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It's really amazing. I have used it some time back for generating slide-in animation in this article


I checked your article about Intersection Observer API in JavaScript and it is wonderful


Thank you so much!


There are loads of sites that do this. Been around for years... You can find more examples here


Hey, Jon thanks for sharing list. I checked few but they are Lorem ipsum (TEXT GENERATOR) but this is Lorem ipsum (PICTURES). Anyway, list is wonderful.


Every one on that list provides images. Granted, some are images with some text, but none of them are actually text generators

Okay maybe I seen only text. Anyway, I said nice sharing bro


Great article... 👍

source.unsplash.com/ is also good image placeholder provider.


This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!


This lloks cool


Ah now this is useful good find.