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Which Linux / DevOps sites do you recommend?

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Below is my customized search query box for searching articles within best-known websites to me.

You can also put any search query related to Linux / DevOps and get the best standard results from selected websites.

Link: https://manish.imfast.io

Earlier it was shared with frontend guys:

The current sites in the box are:

what are other best Linux / DevOps sites do you recommend?

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I really like LinuxAcademy. It has a huge emulation content to the courses and tools and mini certs through the classes. A dozen labs every month across all three clouds.
You can literally run the Google Colsole UI in their site for full labs, VM's etc.


I love linuxize.com/. Great design, great content, producing new articles every day.


linux academy

for linux in general nothing is better than a book , because linux isn't changing that much.

those are mine.


Thanks Omar , all links are really wonderful


The hashicorp blog is nice: hashicorp.com/blog/
Gruntwork's blog as well: blog.gruntwork.io/


Both blogs are really resourceful. Thanks for sharing


Mr Bhattacharya , this post is not about solution. Read the topic and post carefully. If you have any good resources to share pls do for everyone benefit visiting here.