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State of JavaScript 2018 Survey

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It's that time of year! The 2018 version of the State of JavaScript survey is now out 🎉

It's a great chance for developers of all levels to weigh in and add their two cents on how they're using (and planning to use) JS each year. Here's the Medium post by Sacha Greif, who is one of the survey's creators, with more information.

Interested to see what people are using and what comes back in the results!

What frameworks and libraries are you loving the most at the moment?

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That survey does not even load without JavaScript. That sums up the state of JavaScript pretty well: Young hipster people break basic HTML features like forms. There is no technical reason to not just display a bunch of checkboxes and radio buttons as a fallback.


Survey creator here. We use TypeForm so we don't have any control over the survey's front-end.

That being said, in my experience handling fallback properly is far from trivial and even well-funded companies might not have the resources necessary to maintain a non-JS version too.

Although I'm sure if they hired you, you'd have it done in no time of course ;)


Completely agree about the fallbacks. There are so many websites now that are completely unusable without JS, which is a shame.

JS done right can add great enhancements, but often it isn't used as an enhancement it's used as the sole consideration.



agreed, but to be fair it's also a Survey by and aimed to JavaScript developers, not a generic site.

And it is a good example for how to do it wrong.

If you read the original post you can see the link to the medium article about it from one of the creators, I'm sure you can find their contact information.

Again, it's a website for JavaScript developers, it's reasonable to think that a JavaScript developer enables JavaScript on their browser.

BTW they use so you might want to write to them as well.

@rhymes , ha yeah in this instance I'm pretty sure it's fine 😂


You can tell it to them at the end of the survey:



No, I obviously cannot because I can't even get there.


Got to love the guy to still browse without in JavaScript! Sometimes I feel, just to complain about things that don't load without JavaScript.

Which by the way I feel is welcomed criticism!

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