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How to be an effective mentor?

We get a good sleep if we are satisfied with the work that we have done throughout a day. As a software developer, coding and attending meetings becomes our daily job. At the initial level, it's appealing but in the long run, you lose something, and that something is the satisfaction. So I found a technique to tackle that which is Mentoring.

They say "knowledge increases by sharing" and I say, they are right.

Who does not want to do this noble work by sharing his/her knowledge which gives the most important thing to you => Satisfaction!

For the above-mentioned reasons, I chose to be a mentor and took up the responsibility. So here I am, writing a blog to share the key points on how to become a very effective mentor.

Know your mentee/s

  • This common point is very important for both a mentee and a mentor, it makes both confident to open up and ask or suggest certain things. If you are interested in how you can make a good relation with your coworker then you should read my previous blog.

Take interest

  • It's always good if one gets a mentor who is interested in mentoring him/her. Take a little interest and the respect you will get by your mentee will automatically boost your interest.

Be accountable

  • Be available at the scheduled time, check assignments of your mentee, and give the feedback and suggestion and listen to your mentee carefully.

Constructive criticism

  • Give them the actual feedback but deliver it in a way that it does not break his/her confidence but boost their thinking power.

Give freedom

  • Don't tell your mentee everything, let him/her make a decision, and then you can have a discussion over it, let him/her make mistakes. Let him/her stand again.

Let your mentee go beyond limits

  • As a mentor, your task is not just to make your mentee project ready but also to make him/her realize that there is no boundary of learning and he/she can and should go the extra mile.

A mentor can make a significant difference in one's career and being one can also be a valuable experience.

Feel free to share your suggestions in the comment

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Ariel Bogdziewicz

I always think what is the reason that people help each other for free in Slack communities or using articles like this.

maulik profile image

It gives me satisfaction that my routine job doesn't give...and in addition to that I love to share my thoughts and knowledge... it's like feeling a freedom to me.