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Why did I choose to become a developer?

I was in 7th standard when my father bought me a computer. As a kid, my only interest in the computer was playing games. Luxor, Road rash, Zuma were games that I played first and then some more cool games like GTA: Vice City, Prince of Persia, and so on.

While playing games, I thought

what If I could make a game that has characters that I've designed, rules that I've created, and then play it

I then researched how one can make a game and what study is required to do so. Based on that I decided that I would be a software engineer and develop games.

Well, my only concern and desire were playing and creating games but as soon as I entered the real world, I realized that there are many more cool things we can develop including games and it made me a developer.

But yes, in this journey, I've developed my first game in C using the graphics library which was not easy for me but anyway I have done that.

Here is the video of that game. Though it's not good enough, there are flickers also in the game and there are many patches in the game to make it work, it's very special to me. And I am very happy and fortunate that I am in a field I have an interest in.

I have developed this game many years ago and I can improve it to a very good level still I like it the way it is... so I never touched it since then. Maybe the incompleteness and flaws of this game are making it perfect. It reminds me of my dreams, imaginations, and the golden time of imaging this stuffs.

Here is the Github repo for that game.

GitHub logo Maulikdes / SpaceShip

This is a game developed in C using graphics library

What's your story, What made you a developer or whatever you are?

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Jan Bajena

Same story here - it's the games that brought me into programming. I remember building my first games in C++ allegro library back in the days when there weren't that many youtube tutorials.
I feel like programming games as a kid was my way of artistic expression, because I was rather a poor artist in other fields 🙈
Thanks for this post, you resurrected the nostalgia:)

maulik profile image

Thank you @bajena . I am glad that you liked the post and knowing someone who has the same kinda story.

madeelahsan profile image
M Adeel Ahsan

just like you, I had an interest in computers. My story is somewhat similar to yours. I got my first pc in 10th grade. Started playing games like IGI, NFS, and GTA. I always enjoy trying new stuff, cool tricks and hacks on the computer. Fast-forwarding after playing games and trying all sorts of hacks for more than 2 years of owning a PC. My friend introduced me to web development. I really liked converting my first PSD to HTML.

That day I decided I am meant to be a front-end web developer.

maulik profile image

Looks like most of us were very attached to computer games, tricks and hacks which brought us to programming. Thanks for commenting @madeelahsan .

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gaurav pandey

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Thanks :)

ronca85 profile image

i wanted to be a better designer. for a while i tried to learn and become a creative coder but my mind isn't wired the right way. i avoid the data layer like the plague.

maulik profile image

@ronca85 , most of the time the journey makes us realize what we really want to do. Many times we are not sure or there is a false-belief but I believe in the end, most of us end up doing work that we love, that we have an interest in.