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Krisztián Maurer
Krisztián Maurer

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Improve GitHub issues with AI 🦾

I would like to share the progress of my GitHub + DEV 2023 Hackathon project and receive feedback. The project is a Github action that triggers when a new issue is created. It creates a comment that includes a summary, related issues, and custom sections with the assistance of OpenAI API.

I have noticed that many open-source projects have few maintainers and a lot of issues. Some issues are duplicates, while others are related to each other. These details are usefull to the maintainer. With the assistance of AI, this action will create a "related issues" section in the comment.

In addition, I believe it is beneficial to summarize lengthy issues and provide feedback to the issue author on how to improve the issue text. I am also considering adding a label suggestion / assigne features.

What are your thoughts on this project? Are there any additions or changes that would be useful?

For further information, please visit this project on Github.

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