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Find Public APIs on the Internet

mddanishyusuf profile image Mohd Danish ・2 min read

If you are looking for the public APIs to integrate into your projects or want's build something interesting. Then check out my website called public-apis.io and explore interesting APIs.

Currently, I curated this APIs list from the internet and give a nice interface with Advanced search. So, you can easily find APIs with your keywords. We have around 700+ APIs into 40+ categories.

Geocoding APIs
Development APIs
Data Access APIs
Cloud Storage APIs
Anime APIs
Weather APIs
Open Data
Music APIs
👉View All APIs

Public APIs

There is a great feature that you can save your favorite APIs. Just click on the "save" button.

Single Page

It will show on the profile page here Profile Page. Just login with your GitHub account.

Profile Page

That's it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

And if you like my work then you can buy me coffee 👉 buymeacoffee.com/mddanishyusuf

Mohd Danish
Website: mohddanish.me
Twitter: @mddanishyusuf

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Thank you for doing this. It would be good to know if the API is free or has a free option


Thank you for putting the API list together dude.
Just bought you a coffee 💯


Thanks for the coffees, Fajar.


Any science behind how you put this together? ie. Webflow directory, Airtable + Javascript, something else?


I build this with custom code. Gatsby + airtable