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Accessible Sketchnotes?

meganesulli profile image Megan Sullivan ・1 min read

I want to start making and sharing sketchnotes, but I’m not sure the best way to make them accessible for screen reader users. Anyone have any tips for best practices?

Some possible options I’m considering:

  • Include one long, detailed description in the alt text for the image.
  • Share the sketchnote image on Twitter, and use follow-up tweets to describe the content.
  • Post the sketchnote in a blog post, so that the body of the post can reiterate all the content in the sketchnote. Share the link to the blog post on social media instead of the sketchnote image.

Any preferences or other suggestions? Are there any examples of people doing this well?


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Ben Halpern

Twitter can allow alt text, so anywhere you're sharing them, alt text definitely make sense.

Posting the sketchnotes to a blog post is another good option. Plenty of folks post sketchnotes to DEV and include captions and/or alt text.

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Tamara Temple

the alt text length on twitter is limited, so that may not work.

i'd say a blog or wiki would be best; perhaps have a look at notion 's publishing ability, but rolling your own blog these days pretty accessible.

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Tamara Temple

p.s. sketchnoting is awesome!!