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I'd love to help you out. I think a great way to help people understand what you're doing is to pinpoint the issues people are facing when trying to get involved in the community, and either describing how you're trying to solve them, or inviting people to brainstorm ways to solve them.


Thanks, everyone, for the quick and supportive responses. This is such a great resource! Today is my first day-10 milestone. Tomorrow-- I'm gonna have a think about what to do with what I learned in the last 10 days. I'm thinking I'll create a blog post about the things we could do as a starting point and share it here, so we can discuss.


Hey Meggin, this looks great. Feel free to publish all your explorations to dev.to as you go. We're definitely down to help in any way we can, eh @jess ?


Indeed! Would love to read your 100 day journal and reading log on dev.to 😊

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