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Clean and minimal Ubuntu system setup for developer productivity

The system setup is an integral part of the day-to-day life of any developer. After all, we spend more than half of our wake-up time in front of the system.

So it is necessary to make sure that we have set up the system to be as productive and functional as possible.

The choice of the operating system is not a concern as long as you are comfortable with the system and knows the tweaking for making it as much as yours.

In the below video, I am showcasing my setup using the Ubuntu system running Gnome. The different Utilities, shortcuts, and developer workflow can be seen.

Please note that I am not claiming that the above is the best setup for every developer. This is something that has worked for me well.

You can also check out the dark mode version of the setup I used to have.

I switched from "cool" dark mode to a more "clean" light mode theme due to my own reasons which I will discuss in a different post.

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Borislav Hadzhiev

Thank you, will definitely use some of the recommendations like albert and switcher, very informative video :)

microideation profile image

Thank you :)
Also, try configuring different desktops and the shortcuts for switching. Definitely a productivity improvement.