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How to get your web API noticed

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4 min read

Slate and the Future

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3 min read

A brief history of Web APIs

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7 min read

A brief history of the OpenAPI Specification

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4 min read

Why there is no such thing as the Richardson Maturity Model

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The Bluffer's Guide to PC Memory (archive)

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Replacing embedded GoogleMaps with OpenStreetMap

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Defining reusable components with the OpenAPI specification

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The Hypermedia Hitchhiker's Guide to Standardised Affordance Metadata

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Node.js - a tale of two bugs

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Comparing OpenAPI/Swagger 2.0 and 3.0.0-rc1

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Comparison of various OpenApi/Swagger to Slate conversion tools

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6 min read

Five things they didn't tell you were changing in OpenAPI 3.0.0-RC0

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