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Michelle Mannering
Michelle Mannering

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Learning Ruby for the first time. The excitement is real

It's the wow factor. That "ahah" moment. The feeling when all the code comes together and it finally works!

This is the reason I love working on code. This is the reason I love developing things and learning new skills. In the clip above, I'd spent a fair bit of time trying to get this Ruby code working.

If you haven't seen this before, it's called Ruby Warrior. It's a really fun way to learn Ruby programming. You are given a set of commands and you need to program those commands to make your character move. The key is not dying! Basically you program the character, hit start, and see if it works.

Ruby program super simple

This was essentially the first time I was coding Ruby. I was able to do most of the programming without any help. If you remember from my previous post, I like to live stream myself learning to code. People often jump in with tips and tricks. They point out where I might have hit a spelling error, or just help me out with the programming in general.

Alt Text

With Ruby however, I found it really easy. I required very little help if any. I think it's because of the "English-ness" of Ruby. The language is simple and easy to understand. Some of my viewers even said once you learn Ruby you don't go to anything else because the coding is so easy. Well I can definitely say it's been easy, but I still love learning lots of other languages too.

Coding live streams

If you want to see me learning Ruby and playing through Ruby Warrior, check out the full video. You can also tune into my Twitch Channel to watch these streams happen live. Feel free to drop in anytime throw in tips, point out random commas I left in my code, or even have a function named after yourself.

As always, you can view all my code for Ruby Warrior on my GitHub. If you want to learn coding, check out this awesome list of free places online for learning.

Good luck with your coding journey and I hope my excitement has inspired you.

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