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Michelle Mannering
Michelle Mannering

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Learning Vue JS for animations and transitions

I started learning Vue JS just last week. It's been such an exciting experience so far. Whilst I don't have a lot of coding knowledge, the little bit I know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has really helped me.

Last week I learned the basics of Vue JS and how to get started. You can read about it in my short article.

Now I'm onto transitions already! I love the fact online courses move along so quickly. Especially this one. As mentioned last week, I'm working with the Vue Mastery Course. It's really well explained and the concepts presented are taught in a nice structured format.

Even with my little experience, I already got up to intermediate. This is where it gets super fun, since this is where we dove into animations.

Animations for prettier formatting

Animations are fantastic because you can really see things happen. When it comes to coding, I learn by doing. And I learn by seeing. When I can easily see my changes in affect, it's easy to understand what's going on. Animations are perfect for this.

They are really simply little things which adds loads of finer detail to your website. Yes you need to think about it, and put a little bit of effort in, but they are worth it. And they are really easy to code up. Just watch my Twitch stream to know what I'm talking about. Only on my 9th hour of Vue JS, I'm able to easily program some simple transitions that make things look really pretty!

Learning to code

What are you learning at the moment? Do you have cool things you want to learn? Or maybe you have awesome use cases for Vue JS? I'd love to hear it. If you want to follow along with my learning, you can do so through the Vue Mastery Course. Remember, I was doing the animations on the intermediate level. You can always tune into one of my live streams to learn with me, or just heckle!

Alt Text

Oh, and my final code output is living over on GitHub, so go check it out.

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Stefano Bartoletti • Edited

I studied Vue last spring with an in-depth course, while here in Italy we had a lockdown, and I can totally relate with your excitement: it is indeed an awesome framework, its learning curve is very fast and one can start to create nice and functional things very quickly.

Such rapid feedback is also an encouragement to keep learning, at least in my case: in fact, after Vue, i also took a course about Nuxt, which builds and improves over Vue itself, adding many "quality of life" improvements and automating some things that would have been done manually, the main example being routing.

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Michelle Mannering

Yep we're in full lockdown here in Melbourne. Allowed outside for 1 hour per day for exercise, so I feel you. Learning is a great thing to be doing during this time.

Super glad to hear learning is helping you too :)

stefanobartoletti profile image
Stefano Bartoletti

The cool thing about studying code stuff is that everything you learn gives room to at least two new technologies that sooner or later you want to delve into as well.
Lockdown, we don't fear you 😂

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Michelle Mannering

100% agree with you there.