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Michelle Mannering
Michelle Mannering

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Unbox some Unity fun; finding your learning style

There's a reason I started using Unity to learn C#. First of all, Unity Premium Learn was free during the COVID-19 first wave. If you're a student, studying at a university institution or tafe, you can still get Unity Premium Learn for free. Sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and you'll have a free Unity Student Plan. This gives you access to Unity Premium Learn and also Unity's dark mode - because everyone loves dark mode!

Secondly, I've been using Unity to learn C# because you can visually see what you are building. You can physically see your code changing. In the same way front end devs are able to easily see their changes on a website, game development gives you the opportunity to see your changes in action instantly.


Find your learning style

This is the thing I really love about learning C# through Unity. If you're struggling to learn something, try and visualise it in a way you understand. For example, front end dev or game dev might suit you if you are a visual learner.

Concepts might be easier to learn if you put them into terms you already understand. For example, when I'm learning C# through Unity, I'm often putting the code challenges into terms I understand; like gaming. I play a fair bit of Elder Scrolls Online over on my Twitch Channel. So when I'm learning something like Dictionaries in C#, I think:
"How would this look if I was playing ESO?"

From there I end up coding my character and weapons builds and it makes a whole lot more sense.

It might take some time for you to find your learning style. Some people like to learn on their own. Others can only learn in a more professional setting like a classroom. And there's those who can jump on a YouTube video and learn very easily. Finding your learning style will help you take the next step in learning all the new things you want to take up in 2021.

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Learning Online

If you're a little stuck for ideas, you can check out some of the cool places to learn online. Most of these are casual and there's a few more formal learning sessions.

Learning online can be tough. Don't be discouraged if the first thing you try and learn doesn't work. You might need to find what clicks for you. A learning buddy can help or someone who works in the field. Whatever you choose to learn this year, I wish you all the best.

Come and join my live learning to code streams on Twitch or follow me on Twitter for lots of fun content.

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