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Michelle Mannering
Michelle Mannering

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Vue JS animations - putting learning into practice

Well that's it! I pretty much finished all the Vue JS Mastery courses I wanted to do. I got through all the introductory stuff, and learned a bunch of the intermediate. The main thing I wanted to learn in intermediate was the animations. I didn't think it was useful to go much deeper than that. Otherwise it'll go over my head before I dive in and apply the knowledge I've learned.

Learning Vue JS

I really enjoyed this course. Animations were super fun. As you'll see in the clip above, I was able to create a bunch of simple animations. Even nested animations are covered in the course. I found they are super easy to build and they look great. Even a small animation is enough to make your website or app feel polished.

Now I'll be able to use animations like this for the next exciting thing I do. Speaking of... what's next?

Putting it into practice

As I mentioned in my live stream, I wanted to learn Vue JS since I need to redo a website already written in Vue JS. So the first thing I'll be doing (and have been doing) is putting the knowledge I learned to work. I've been going through the website code, changing it up, adding new pieces of information, and understanding how the original developer put the code together.

It's a great experience to take what you've done and use it. But it's not necessarily easy. You aren't just going to learn something and instantly be a pro at it. There's lots of practice involved. Trials and errors. You'll notice even in my short video above I talked through a really simple error I made. Missing out on a semi colon meant I didn't have the animation done correctly. Sure, the website didn't break. But it didn't work as I intended it.

Luckily, I have lots of friends, colleagues, and people in my live streams to help me out. In fact, if you're struggling with programming, definitely find a buddy. Meetup groups, online forums, Twitch streams, and even Discord communities are places you can find like-minded people who are willing to help.

Twitch Live Coding

If you enjoyed the short clip above and you want to see more, check out the full recording. You can also join me live on any of my Twitch sessions for some coding and games too.

Lastly, I hope my story is encouraging you to get out there and give it a go. Find something you're passionate about. Something that sticks. Something which resonates with you. And then just go for it. The first step is the hardest and I encourage you to take it!

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Eddie Jaoude

Awesome! I need to get into Vue!