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mittalyashu profile image Yashu Mittal ・1 min read

Hey Ben Halpern,

This place is awesome and I love this place since the day I have created an account, along the way I have posted a bunch of article.

It would be nice to have a seperate place for designer too, just like

Hope you consider my suggestion.

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Casey Brooks

As a developer here, some of my favorite posts are about design! I'd encourage you to invite your fellow designers here!

There is a lot that developers can learn about development by studying graphic design, and there is a lot that designers could learn about UI design by learning a bit about front-end development as well. Our communities don't need to be so very separate!

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This is exactly why i signed up for this community.

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Angeiͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥ is now Open Source, so anyone can start a :)

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Yashu Mittal Author

Starting a community is not a big deal, but the hardest part is to maintain it.

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Evan Conrad

I'm not a designer, but I post design stuff on here. Developers and designers have a lot of overlap.

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Yashu Mittal Author
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