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My New Kickass Portfolio Website

Based on this nice post

I decided to make a complete rewrite and redesign of my portfolio website.

This linked post includes all the relevant reasons why a web developer should create his own unique portfolio website. Some of the main reasons which encouraged me to do the refactoring:

  • Show my creativity and make a website that is a true expression of myself
  • Design as much as possible myself without using pre-designed templates
  • Make the site as fast and accessible as possible
  • Provide a foundation to make the website easily extendable and adjustable

Here you can see a screenshot of my new website:

Website Screenshot

And these are the latest Lighthouse results:

Lighthouse Results

I described my previous website setup in this post:

Let me know what you think about it!

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cjbrooks12 profile image
Casey Brooks

The icons at the top are a bit confusing without any label context. You might want to either add a title attribute to the icons (so I can long-hover over them to know what they are) or add label text somewhere near the icon. Other than that, looks great, especially on mobile!

mokkapps profile image
Michael Hoffmann

Thanks! Oops, my fault that I forgot to add the title attribute 😲 will fix it

mohamedelidrissi profile image
Mohamed Elidrissi

You probably want to consider something that works for mobile too since I happen to be viewing the website on it now :)

Thread Thread
mokkapps profile image
Michael Hoffmann

I added a visible label on mobile devices ;-)

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

How’d you like working with Gatsby? I’ve found it very pleasant in my dabbles.

mokkapps profile image
Michael Hoffmann

I totally loved it. I love working with React and Gatsby makes it very easy to handle all static page relevant stuff.

Especially querying pages and posts via GraphQL, the plugin system as well as the performant image loading via gatsby-image are amazing features.

Short story: I ❤️ it!

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