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We use Preact, but right now it's pretty much being used for the onboarding process only. We're mostly a Ruby on Rails app, believe it or not 😉

@ben wrote two posts about it, in case you want to dig deeper:


So, as others have mentioned, we do use Preact, but right now we only use it for a few specific cases. 90% of the frontend is still vanilla JS.


From a quick scan in the chrome console... I was going to say no.
BUT... the beauty of a tool called Wappalyzer.com let's you see what tools the website is using.

According to it.... yes it does use React.js


Thanks for mentioning the awesome tool


Think your gut was right this time. The app is pretty on point, too, though.


Awesome, andy! Gotta learn to trust my instinct more. :) Thanks for making and working on a super product!

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