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Git 101 — STEP 4: merging branches, merge conflicts & cherry-pick

Today I want to show you how easy it is to merging branches, fix a merge conflict and how to use cherry-pick to get any commit your local branch!

Let’s get fired up and hit the terminal 🔥

In the video, I show you everything that I know. Below the video, you can check the notes with all the commands you need.

1 Git pull a different branch into current branch!

Make sure your both branches are up to date on the remote!

git merge tryout
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Now you can test if your code still works! If it works it push it to the remote!

2 After successfully merged, delete another branch

Use the following command like we talked about in the previous video, to delete the branch.

git branch -d tryout
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3 What if you get a merge conflict?

Sometimes it happens that someone else changed the same row as you did. When you pull the remote you will get a merge conflict.

The easiest way to fix this is just manually by checking your code. After you fixed it, commit this change and push it to the remote!

4 What if you want to have a specific commit change from another branch?

This is what we called cherrypicking. With cherry-pick you can pick the commit you want, to pull it into your local branch where your working on.

Just find the commit id and just this command.

git cherry-pick commitId
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Do you need some help?

If your working with Git, but getting stuck? Please let me know in the comments or hit me on twitter @frontendmr and I would ❤️ to help you out!

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Sathish Kumar

How a git merge after cherry-pick of same branch will work?