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I crossed 300 K Post Views on DEV!


I'm Saeed, a Senior Software Engineer from Pakistan. My journey into the world of software development started in around 2016. It was good.

I started with learning C-language. Later on I started learning JavaScript and React. After that, landed a job as an engineer at one of the local food-tech startups.

My Journey with DEV:

I started writing on DEV in the end of 2019. When I started writing here, I didn't realize that this platform would play such a big role in my life and will totally change it.

Before writing on DEV, fewer people in the community knew me but after starting here, I started getting recognition in the local community.

I remember when in one of the local meetups, many fellow community members reached out to me themselves telling me that they follow my posts on DEV and really like them.

Chimpanzee coding GIF

Professional life after DEV:

I was already working in a company so continued working there. Some days later, switched my company due to some reasons.

After some months, I lost my new job due to downsizing. COVID had just hit and companies were laying off their employees.

What's more fascinating than this is that I got my next job in under 10 days!!!

All due to my connections that I built through my technical writing on DEV and recognition due to it.

I also started writing on various platforms especially LinkedIn after this and got around 13k followers there.

What I'm doing now?

These days, I'm working as a boot camp instructor. Alongside that, I'm learning web3 and blockchain. Also, I do post tips and content related for engineers and I'm focused on helping them to be a better versions of themselves.

If you are interested in any of these, follow me on Twitter (link in the start)


300K view on DEV - Screenshot

I'm feeling really accomplished and happy on achieving this milestone. Although since a while I haven't been that active here but still it seems a great achievement.

I thank everyone especially the team at DEV, most notably @jess , @ben , @peter , @graciegregory , @nickytonline , @ridhwana & all the amazing team members for their continuous efforts to make this platform a great place for the open source and development communities.

Thank you so much DEV for helping me to achieve this milestone!

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Nick Taylor



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Saeed Ahmad

Thanks, Nick!

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Waylon Walker

Well done! That takes consistent effort!

Gotta update your bio now!

Where do you feel most of the views come from? Do you see a significant difference in AI/ML vs Web Dev?

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Saeed Ahmad

Thanks, Waylon!

I think people tend to like web dev related posts more than data science or machine learning on DEV.